The Goods on Shopping Locally: Part 5 of 6

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Live Where You Work.

Most of us are familiar with the saying “Live where you work.” There are cities now, taking action to encourage community members to live and work in the same town. The state of New Jersey is offering a home mortgage incentive that provides homebuyers with low interest mortgage rates to those buying homes in towns where they work [Read more]. In order for people to work locally, there needs to be jobs. Local businesses are the largest employers nationally, so it comes as a surprise that there are so many people still commuting to another city for work.

Often we believe that a large chain store coming to a small town creates more jobs for people in the area. Sure, those large chain stores are creating new jobs, but in many cases, they are displacing even more jobs than they are creating! Only now, the profits are going to the company headquarters in another city, rather than staying in your community.

As a small business owner, did you know that you played this large a role in job creation in your local economy? Well, now you do! By staying locally owned, you’re keeping your expenses and profits in the community – creating more jobs for not only your business but for businesses that you work with, too! By continuing to support local, you’re benefiting from lower prices from other local businesses. This acts as a stabilizing base for your local economy to grow on – by spending more money in your local economy, you’re giving everyone around you the chance to work close to home, and put more tax dollars into the things that make your community great!

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