The Goods on Shopping Locally: Part 4 of 6

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Without the local shops, where would the character come from?

The unique businesses found in the centre of each town helps to create the character of your local community. This character affects the overall happiness and value of your community, and is what makes it an enjoyable experience for shoppers.

People want to shop locally because vibrant downtown areas, stores with local character, and business owners who remember their customers’ names, are valued aspects of shopping. Walking into a store and being remembered by the owner makes you, as a customer, feel appreciated and valued.

Local shopping is also a great choice when you are looking for something new and original. As mentioned in Part 2, when exploring the economic benefits of shopping locally, small businesses often have interesting, new products from small manufacturers – items that you simply cannot find at chain stores. Finding one of a kind items that will make all of your friends jealous, is easier to find when you’re shopping locally!

As a small business owner, do you feel that you are contributing to your local character? Of course you do! Capitalize on your character by establishing a recognizable and memorable experience for your patrons. They will appreciate the one-of-a-kind experience and will be happy to return again and again. But most importantly, your shop’s character will spread as word of mouth and influence even more consumers to try your shop for the first time!


Coming Next: Live where you work.
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