5 Mobile Trends to Watch in 2012

Mobile Trend # 1 – Smartphones to Overtake Other Mobile

There are more smartphones emerging that have the capability to preform even better then they already do now. With this technology advancing and becoming more and more user-friendly, people are turning to their smartphones for more tasks. That being said, as an internet marketer, you should make sure that you are accessible to your customers through their phones as well. They are going to be searching for the products and services that you offer, and you want to be sure that they will find you when they need you.

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Mobile Trend # 2 – Text Messaging Will Rise

“Text messaging will rise to a projected 8 trillion SMS in 2012. This is a rise of about a billion from the 6.9 billion SMS sent in 2011.” — Jichel Stewart, author and CEO of DigiStream Media.

This gives you the perfect opportunity to market your business and communicate to your customers via text messages. Try it by sending funny content or attention grabbing graphics.

Mobile Trend # 3 – Social Networking Site Access

It is easy for people to access their social media sites on their smartphones anywhere and at anytime. The reason for this is simple — they are always with us. There are 350 million active users access Facebook on their smartphones. Right now your customers are using their phones for social media networking and to search for information. What will they find when they search for the products and services you offer?

Mobile Trend # 4 – Location-Based Marketing

Location based marketing gives you the ability to send customers information relevant to a specific location. The best example I have read that uses this type of marketing came from a restaurant. As customers came in and ordered, they were then given freebies, free appetizer or dessert. This coupon was sent to their mobile phones via SMS. Amazing.

Mobile Trend # 5 – More Video on Smartphones

Videos will become a  greater trend on smartphones. Smartphones are already able to capture video so well, forcing marketers to start looking past the boundaries of Youtube and similar video channels. Videos can be viewed anywhere, at any time and by anyone. Companies should look at the convenience of marketing through video for future campaigns.


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