A List of Mobile Web Browsers

Much more so than with personal computers, the landscape of web browsers for mobile devices is an uneven one.

The best offer a full browsing experience and can display most websites. Others still experience a great deal of frustration in their use and can only display websites specifically optimized for mobile devices.

Apple Safari

  • Display rich websites, zoom, excellent touch-base interface
  • iPhone

BlackBerry Browser

  • Display rich websites, zoom
  • Google Android

Google Android

  • Displays rich websites, zoom, touch screen interface
  • Google Android

Opera Mobile

  • Multiple tabs, zoom-in
  • Windows Mobile, Symbian

Microsoft Internet Explorer for Mobile

  • Standard browser features
  • Windows Mobile

Mozilla Firefox

  • Multiple tabs, PC-syncing, add-on support
  • Nokia Maemo, Windows Mobile 6.0


  • Displays flash and widgets, zoom
  • Windows Mobile, Symbian
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