Effective Websites For Your Non-Profit Organization

1. Define the organization’s mission and purpose
It is important that people visiting your website know who you are and what you do. Many visitors to your page will not be familiar with your organization, so take this opportunity to introduce yourself and your organization.

2.  Clear background information
Providing information about the organization’s history helps you to reach your audience on a deeper level. It helps people connect, learn about your organization and understand why you do what you do.

3. Knowing your audience
With a non-profit organization, sometimes defining the audience is hard. Between volunteers, donors and members, there are a lot of different people looking at your website searching for information. Make sure you have information for all of your visitors to read.

4. Photos of people impacted by the organization
Including pictures of the people that are benefiting from your organization is a great way to build credibility and make the experience more personal for visitors. Including stories or testimonials are also great ways to show people the positive results of your organization an how you are benefiting the lives of others.

5. Contact information
Contact information is important to include on any website. Often visitors are coming to your website to find more information about your and your organization, and they need to know how to get in touch with you. Contact name, email address, phone number or a mailing address are all great details to provide.

6. Design
A design that fits best with your organization is one that is consistent with your message and the culture of the organization. You want your design to be able to communicate your brand and speak directly to your target audience. Professional graphic design services are a great way to make sure the message you are sending with your design is the right one.

7. Newsletter sign-up
It is great to have the option of sending a newsletter to people who want to get involved and stay up to date with what is going on in your organization. Having the sign up option on your website allows for people who are already interested in your organization to easily sign up to receive email newsletters. (Also a great way to build a customer database!)

8. News and events section
Another great way to keep people in the loop is to have a news and events section. Many people are hesitant to provide their personal information online, so a news and events section will provide information to visitors without asking them to sign up to receive a newsletter.


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It isn’t about how many friends you have

Sure, it might look impressive to have lots of friends on Facebook, but that is not what matters.

It’s what you do with those friends that matters.

Interaction. If people are participating, it won’t matter how few Facebook friends you may have.

“How do I get those interested, engaged fans and friends?” you may ask.

Here are a few tips:

1. Give THEN take

Think about why people are using Facebook. To share. To connect. To stay updated. So then give the people what they want!

Post interactive, interesting relevant content, and people will have a reason to come back to your page.

2. Be yourself

Use Facebook to help add personality to your company. Be friendly and interesting  and communicate with that personality. to show that you are more than just another faceless company.

3. Engage

If you don’t give you won’t get. Simple. Conversations are two ways. Run polls, seek feedback, ask questions and host contests. Talk to your audience and they’ll talk back.

4. Respond

Use that personality you have associated with your company and start that two way conversation. Here is your chance to show your true colours and get involved and engage your audience.

5. Exclusivity

You might want to play around with the idea of making your Facebook page private, or a member’s only profile. The idea of it being an “exclusive club” makes members feel special, and adds a sense of prestige. This is also a good way to ensure that you are getting good content. You are able to avoid people who are not contributing or bringing down the morale of the group with negativity.

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Hello everyone!

Welcome to Making Business Success Blog.com! This is one of the blogs powered by CityDirect.info, and here I’ll share How To’s, tips and tricks for business success, interesting stories and anything and everything related to running a successful business.

I am really looking forward to sharing with you, and starting conversations with all of you!

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