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Find out how Online Marketing can help your business!

Did you know that web marketing is:

  1. Cost Effective
  2. Targeted
  3. Measurable
  4. Flexible

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Everything you need for Online Marketing!

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Why Online Marketing?

Online Marketing

Online Marketing [Infographic]

Online Marketing [Infographic]


Online marketing is a term that encompasses all marketing on the web. Also known as internet marketing, digital marketing, or web marketing, online marketing is the act of creating and placing content in front of internet users via a wealth of various websites, platforms, and software systems. To learn more, watch a brief presentation about Online Marketing here.


Online marketing works by creating effective content that serves the purpose of engaging internet users and potential purchasers into interacting with your business. By putting useful content into the online world that your target market is actually seeking or willing or engage with, you’ll generate valuable leads, gain brand recognition, and in turn, increase sales. To find out more, watch this brief presentation here.


Online marketing should be at the top of the to do list for every business. More and more everyday, potential purchasers of your product or service are using the internet. By being active and giving your business an online presence, you’re giving your potential purchasers the ability to find and interact with your content about what you offer and sell. Not only will you be reaching your target market, you’ll be putting your business ahead of your competitors.


In comparison to other forms of marketing, your business will benefit from online marketing in a few different ways including:

A Cost Effective Marketing Campaign!

A Cost Effective Marketing Campaign!


  • Lower Cost: You won’t have to shell out big money for a marketing campaign. Online marketing is scalable and can be customized to meet even the smallest marketing budgets.



Target your Market!

Target your Market!


  • Targeted: Instead of interrupting consumers with an advertisement, like traditional marketing – Online Marketing allows you to advertise directly to consumers who are ready to purchase your service or product.


See your Analytic Results!

See your Analytic Results!


  • Measurable: Online marketing campaigns are measurable. Analytics tools can tell you exactly how many leads your getting from your marketing strategy, and it’s available to you 24/7.


A Flexible Marketing Campaign!

A Flexible Marketing Campaign!


  • Flexible: Web marketing campaigns are more flexible than traditional forms of marketing. With traditional marketing, once your content is out, it’s extremely difficult and often impossible to correct or improve. Online marketing can be changed constantly to find the best marketing strategy for your business, allowing you and your business to adapt to the ever-changing consumer market.


Yes!  We do online marketing…


Everything you need for Online Marketing!

Create your own #LocalSuccess!



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Increasing Your Website Traffic

Even though changing the homepage of every computer you use to your website isn’t the most effective way to increase traffic to your website, there are many things you can do that will work. Here are some examples:

Blog logos1. Blogging
Having a blog on your website is a great way to encourage people to come back. Regular posts provides fresh content and will help with search engine traffic. Guest blogging, and commenting on other blogs will also increase traffic to your website with the use of back links.

2. Content
“Content is King”, and the information on your website is what people are being attracted to. The more original, interesting and well written information you have on your website, the more people will come to read what’s there.

3. Contests and Freebies
Hosting online contests is a great way to get people to go to your website, or find your social media pages. Everyone likes free stuff. Giving away freebies gets people interested in your organization and drives them to your website so they can find out how to get some freebies.

4. Multimedia multimedia+for+business
Video. Screencast. Podcast. Using a variety of media attracts attention and holds interest of visitors to your website. Podcasts are a great way to go because there isn’t much competition when it comes to podcasts. Experiment with different forms of media and see which ones work the best to increase traffic to your website.

5. Social Networking
Having a presence on a variety of social networks is the perfect link building opportunity. Include a link to your website on your social media profiles and you’ll see an increase of traffic to your website in no time.

6. Search Engine Optimization
Unique content is one of the most valued things from Google. The more you publish new stuff, the better. Search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t just about creating content, it is also about using the right keywords in the content you are publishing. Search engines work around keywords. This is what they look for, and how they rank your website in search results. Google AdWords Keyword Tool will help you find what keywords will work best for you.

7. Offline
You can increase traffic to your website using offline methods as well. Talking to your friends and family about your website, including your URL on your business card, t shirts, print ads or even in the local newspaper, are all offline ways to bring traffic to your website.

There are a lot of ways to get people to your website. Be creative and innovative about spreading the word about our website and you’ll see an increase in traffic in no time.


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Using Twitter for Marketing

First thing is first. You need a profile! Getting a Twitter profile is really easy to do. Click here to Sign up to Twitter

Once you have a profile, you can start to tweet (post updates) and share information with others on Twitter who are following you.

Twitter is a great marketing tool because it forces you to keep messages short- 140 characters short to be exact. Present the important information, grab attention and entice readers to read more before they get bored and move on.

It is also immediate. The immediacy of Twitter grants you access to potential customers no matter where they are, gives you an opportunity to react quickly and easily engage your audience.

Twitter is a great place for you to get creative and show your company’s personality. Share a joke, or a funny picture to develop a good relationship with your followers. Everybody likes to laugh!Twitter logo


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Important Tips for Writing SEO Content

Writing search engine optimized (SEO) content takes practice. There is a fine line between hitting the right amount of keywords per page, and being redundant. You have to keep in mind that both humans and search engines are reading your content differently, and you have to appeal to both audiences.

Here are some tips that can help you achieve a balance when you’re writing SEO content:

Use keywords: One aspect of writing SEO content is keywords. You’ll want to use relevant keywords on each page of your website. Use the words that you want to be found for. Try using keywords that describe your business, products and services or even your specialties.  It is all about balance. You want to use the right keywords to help you get found by search engines, but you have to be careful not to over do it and start keyword spamming.

The best trick? Know your keywords BEFORE you start writing. This will give you a reference, or guide, to work from and keep you on track with words relevant to what you want to be found for.

SEO and keywords

Keep it simple: It is very important to remember that when trying to use keywords in your content, that you don’t lose the relevancy and the meaning of your sentences. Too much of the same word can turn your reader off because it is too repetitive and becomes boring to read. After you write, read what you wrote out loud. You’ll be able to hear the awkward sentences and where you have used too many keywords.

Constant updates: Constantly updating your website or blog is also very important. Search engines, like Google for example, like fresh content. Regularly updated content is seen as more credible and is picked up by more search engines. Search engines like, Google, Bing and Yahoo, want to provide their users with the most current and up to date information.

Know where to place the words: Placement of keywords is almost as important as choosing the right ones. Headings, subheadings and footers are all great places to use keywords. Putting keyword rich content into side bars and Alt Tags are two other great places to add keywords without interrupting the flow of reading. Put your most important keyword in your H1, and just be sure that you aren’t writing on keyword overload.

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Marketing Offline to Drive Targeted Website Traffic

In a previous post, we explored how QR Codes can be used to connect offline to online.

With or without the use of a QR Code, let’s take a further look at how direct marketing can be used to connect offline to online marketing initiatives and drive target website traffic.

According to MarketingProfs, too many people have the mentality that online and offline media don’t mix well. In fact, an integrated marketing approach can often work very well.

Traditional offline marketing approaches, such as direct mail, can give you direct and reliable access to a target market.

But how do you make the most of your targeted advertisement to drive people to the next step?

MarketingProfs suggest the following pointers:

1. Make a compelling offer. Asking people to visit your website, isn’t enough without giving them a powerful reason to do so. Use a great incentive. Free trials, savings coupons or samples are some examples of great incentives. Just keep in mind, it has got to be something people want, or they might just toss it aside.

2. Use an easy to type URL. A clickable link cannot be placed on a printable ad. Therefore, you have to make it easy for your prospects to type the web address into their browsers. To make it easy, keep it short, easy to spell, and try a personalized URL (example: Often, this is easier for people to remember and can relate directly to a specific promotion.

3.  Try Personalized Copy. Personalized headers, headlines and body copy attract attention, and encourage people to keep reading. Too much personalization can be over the top, so make sure you use some restraint.

4. State a clear call-to-action. People are more likely to respond when you specifically tell them what to do. Clear, concise and easy to follow directions work best. MarketingProfs gives a great example, “Go to and fill out our survey to claim your $100 Savings Coupons.” This call to action is clear, easy to do, and people instantly see the offer.

5. Push response with a deadline. Limited time offers create a sense of urgency. People will respond faster when they know they only have a limited time to do so. State your deadline near the call-to-action, so that people know specifically what they have to do, and how much time they have to do it.

6. Build a special landing page. Homepages that have a lot of choices make it easy for prospects to get lost in the navigation. Therefore, a homepage isn’t always the best place to send people. A specific landing page with an easy to type URL (other than your homepage) allows you to drive people to a special page where you can control the message, collect information and track the number of visitors.

7. Capture contact information. Think of a first time visit as the beginning of a conversation. Start the dialogue by asking for the prospects name to personalize future communications. You might also be able to get a mailing address, email address and other specific information. Some people are hesitant to give out personal information, but always try for at least a name and an email address.

Why not give traditional direct mail a try, and see if it can work for you?

To learn more about The Anatomy of a print ad click here.

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Closure of Canpages Offices: Good or Bad News?

The recent closure of Canpages is only good for one type of business: other business directories that focus on “small business solutions”.

The elimination of the overlap between Canpages and Yellow Pages, decreases the number of business directories available for small to medium size businesses. There is an awful lot of competition in this industry, and as the amount of money spent on print advertising decreases, and the amount spent online increases, the competition will only rise.

Customers are still able to search using the Canpages Directory, but who is going to help manage your account? Where will you get support from? Local representatives selling for Canpages have now been pulled off the streets, away from their customers, and forced to leave their Canpages clients.

There are still so many questions that are unanswered in relation to the closure of Canpages. It came as a shock to many, and now we’ll just have to wait for the answers to the many questions being asked.Canpages logo

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Online Advertising Will Surpass Print in 2012

Soon marketers will realize that consumers are spending more and more time with digital platforms, and will increase the amount of money they are spending on online advertising.

There are many online advertising options available for businesses to reach their customers. Social media is a great example. Many organizations are spending time and money to brand their social networking pages by adding images, logos and colour schemes that match their company colours.

Integrated marketing strategies involve using different marketing methods to communicate a message: magazine, radio, television, newspaper and online.

Even though it is expected that online advertising will be where most of the marketing dollars will be spent, other forms of advertising cannot be over looked. Integration across a variety of media is important to being remembered by your consumers.

“For the first time in U.S. history, marketers are projected to spend more on online advertising than on advertising in print magazines and newspapers.”

Read full article here


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The World of Social Media

Erik Qualman said “We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it.”

Social Media has really changed the way people are doing business and interacting with their clients. Social media is about building relationships, communicating and presenting a brand personality to your customers.

I recently watched two different videos about social media and found the statistics to be eye opening.

“If Facebook were a country, it would be the 3rd largest”

“Every minute 24 hours of Video are uploaded to YouTube.”

“Twitter personal record is… 8900 tweets per second.”

“Every second, two new users sign up to LinkedIn.”

And my favourite stat….

“Smartphone owners are twice more active on social media as non smartphone users. 60%  admit to using their device while going to the bathroom.”

Take a look at these two videos.

I am very interested to hear about what you thought, and what statistics blew your mind.

Social Media Revolution

The World of Social Media

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Consumers are looking for you online. Are you there?

Are your customers looking for you online?

This percentage represents a significant shift away from Yellow Pages and 411 services.

Looking at this number, we can confidently say that your consumers are searching for you online before they make local purchases.

The habits of consumers have shifted, and the web is changing the way consumers are searching for information about your products and services. This doesn’t mean that you need to spend millions of dollars on an e-commerce site to survive, but what it does mean is that you need to think.

You need to think about how people will be searching for your products and services. Put yourself in the position of your consumers looking for your products and services, and make sure that you can easily be found.

Use a variety of platforms to ensure that you are where your consumers are when they are looking for your information.  Make it easy for people to find you, provide them with useful, up to date information and let the personality of your company shine through.

Very often your online presence is your first interaction with a consumer. If they like what you are doing online, they will be more likely to come into your store.


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