Closure of Canpages Offices: Good or Bad News?

The recent closure of Canpages is only good for one type of business: other business directories that focus on “small business solutions”.

The elimination of the overlap between Canpages and Yellow Pages, decreases the number of business directories available for small to medium size businesses. There is an awful lot of competition in this industry, and as the amount of money spent on print advertising decreases, and the amount spent online increases, the competition will only rise.

Customers are still able to search using the Canpages Directory, but who is going to help manage your account? Where will you get support from? Local representatives selling for Canpages have now been pulled off the streets, away from their customers, and forced to leave their Canpages clients.

There are still so many questions that are unanswered in relation to the closure of Canpages. It came as a shock to many, and now we’ll just have to wait for the answers to the many questions being asked.Canpages logo

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