Do You Have An Online Presence?

43% of all searches on Google include a geographical identifier (city, town or postal code).

86% of those people follow up with a phone call.

61% of those people ended up making a purchase offline.
(The Kelsey Group)

These statistics show how important it is that your business has an online presence, and even more importantly, that your business can be found online.

The majority of consumers are using the Internet to find local products and services.

If your customers cannot easily find your business information, they will turn to your competition. To these consumers, if your business cannot be found online, it is like you don’t even exist.

Here are a few ideas to help you get your online presence started:

1. Perform a review of competitor sites- Look at what they have written for titles and descriptions. Determine what keywords they are using, and which would be useful on your site.

2. Purchase a unique domain name- choose a domain name that is specific to your product or service, easy to remember and easy to spell. This name should represent your business, your products or the services you provide.

3. Write with key-word rich content on each page- Good, strong descriptions should be used for products and services, as well as titles and all content needs to be clear and concise.

4. Write blog posts that link back to your site- This is key to improving your search engine ranking, as well as getting the reputation of being an expert in your field. Other people might also publish these articles on their sites, which creates more traffic back to your site.

5. Add a link to your website into your signature line- Putting a link to your website into your signature line will help direct more people to your site, especially when you are participating in discussions and online forums.

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