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Social Page from CityDirect.info


You’re busy. We get that, and we can totally relate!

Time is precious and as more and more people are using the Internet to search for information, your online presence is the key to being found— this includes your social media activity.

Providing fresh, up-to-date content is going to keep people coming back to your social media profiles to see “what’s new” with you and your company.

It takes a lot of time to check into Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and as we know, not everyone has a lot of extra time.

The Social Page, available to CityDirect.info Business Members, provides one place to display Twitter and Facebook posts and connect to LinkedIn. From here you can update Facebook and Twitter and collect all of your posts and tweets on one page.

Having everything together in one place makes it faster and easier for you to get more followers, likes and connections.

Click below to see an example of a Social Page:

Morley Accounting- Social page


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More Share Options on More Pages


* New *

This updated module has now been added to the Start, Specialties, Brands, Products, More Info, and Services Pages, Basic or Enhanced.

Here is an example of a Specialties Page before the sharing options were added:

Now, this is what the pages look like with the new module added in:

This new addition to your Pages makes it fast and easy for visitors to share your Pages and information. Easier to share, means more sharing and more sharing means more potential views!

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