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Why Local Business Websites


A platform for your business.Did you Know?

97% of people search online before buying goods and services locally. CityDirect.info can help your business get in front of those looking for the specific things you sell. Give your customers the information they are searching for with a professional local business website.

The Importance of an Effective Website for your Small Business: In order for your small business to be found, it is imperative to have an effective website that will work for you. Local business websites for small businesses are easy to customize without any coding or technical skills and are both search engine friendly, and mobile ready. Get online today and start to attract more local customers. CityDirect.info makes it easy to get a professionally made small business website that will get you online in minutes. You can design your own website or we can design a website for you. Your local business website will get your business and its goods and services found.

Advantages of a Local Business Website:

  • Worry-free Cloud Hosting
  • Easy to Use
  • Mobile Optimized
  • Built-In SEO
  • Better Customer Engagement


How Does it Work?

Unlike most others, we don’t treat all of your content the same way with one type of web page. The requirements of a page that showcases products are different than that of a page that showcases services, brands, specials, or photos. Therefore, we make specific webpages tailored specifically to the type of content they are for. Potential customers are searching for your content about the specific things you offer. We build pages that put your content first; getting you found more often.

Promoting Your Business has Never Been Easier

One thing that makes local business websites by CityDirect.info better than any other is that when creating an item, you spread your content across all the important networks; including our own – so you can get new customers walking through your door and keep existing ones coming back for more.

One Stop to Get It All Done

Quickly control all of your local business information and simply manage your content about each of your offerings, your job postings, your directory listings, and so much more.

  1. Easily control it all in one place
  2. Edit once. Publish everywhere
  3. Don’t miss out on potential customers


Yes! We do Local Business Websites…


Software as a Service made just for small businesses.

Create your own #LocalSuccess!


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Always Online= Always Open


The Importance of Having a Website

Having a website creates an online version of your store; a store that doesn’t have set hours, is never short staffed and always has answers to the questions your customers are asking.

Always Open
A 9 to 5, Monday to Friday lifestyle does not exist in the life of a website, and with a business website your store never really closes. Customers can find information about your business, see what products you sell and what brands you carry anytime they want. You never have to worry about missing a new customer with a strong online presence.

Employee of the Year
Websites are there 24/7, 365 days a year, holidays, weekends and evenings. They never call in sick, take breaks or show up late. A good business website is equivalent to the perfect employee. You should feel confident in sending customers to your website to find the information they need.

FAQs Answered
As a small business owner, you likely spend a lot of your time answering a set of common questions from your customers. A website translates into a customer service representative who never misses a call, and a place where you can direct your customers to find all of the information they need.

With a business website, you now have more time to focus on the next steps in your integrated marketing strategy, because creating a business website is just the beginning.

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