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Recently Added Business Members Page



Recently Added Business Members

This page lists the Business Members that have recently joined the CityDirect.info network.

Instead of listing the Business Members in a vertical line from most recently added to least recently added Business Members, the most recently Added Business Members are listed horizontally, in rows of two.

This will keep more of the Recently Added Businesses closer to the top of the page.



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More Share Options on More Pages


* New *

This updated module has now been added to the Start, Specialties, Brands, Products, More Info, and Services Pages, Basic or Enhanced.

Here is an example of a Specialties Page before the sharing options were added:

Now, this is what the pages look like with the new module added in:

This new addition to your Pages makes it fast and easy for visitors to share your Pages and information. Easier to share, means more sharing and more sharing means more potential views!

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