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Updated Members Area Page



Before, the Members Area Page showed updates to the Start and Profile Pages only.


The Members Area Page shows updates to more pages, including:

Specialties Page:

Brands Page:

Products Page:

Services Page:

In addition to there being more updated pages shown on the Members Area Page, these updates also have Merit Badges.

The Merit Badges, awarded in gold, silver and bronze, reflect how recently your Page was updated. The most recently updated pages get a gold badge, and higher placement in this list!

Lastly, in the side bar on the right hand side of the Members Area Page, we have included the business names and links to businesses that have:

Recently become Business Members:

Recently customized:

Recently Launched Websites:

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Recently Added Business Members Page



Recently Added Business Members

This page lists the Business Members that have recently joined the network.

Instead of listing the Business Members in a vertical line from most recently added to least recently added Business Members, the most recently Added Business Members are listed horizontally, in rows of two.

This will keep more of the Recently Added Businesses closer to the top of the page.



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Recently Updated Products Page



Organizations who have recently updated their Products Pages are now listed together on one page.



The recently updated pages are organized in two ways. First, they are separated by Enhanced and Basic Products Pages. Recently updated Enhanced Products Pages come first, followed by the recently updated Basic Products Pages.

The recently updated Products Pages are then broken down by the date and time of the last update.  The most recent updates are found at the top of the category.

However, Enhanced Products Pages always come first, no matter how recently updated the Basic Products Pages are.

For example, Tee 2 Green, with an Enhanced Products Page, was updated 2 months ago:

Even though Glass Lighting Gallery updated their page 1 month ago:

Tee 2 Green would come before Glass Lighting Gallery because it is in the Enhanced Products Page category.


Merit badges: Merit badges are placed on the left hand side of your logo and reflect how recent the update was with a gold, silver or bronze badge.

Time of last update: The time of the last update is shown so that everyone knows how recently your page was updated!

Headline and subhead: The first Headline and first Subheading from the Start Page are pulled into this list to provide more information about the organization. This also creates consistency between pages.

These headings were taken from here on the Start Page:

Logo and name: The organization name and logo are shown in the Recently Updated Products Page list for easy recognition.

There is a maximum of 20 organizations in the list for recently updated Products Pages: 10 Enhanced Products Pages, and 10 Basic Products Pages. Organizations can get their names on this list simply by updating their Products Page. The more your Products Page is updated, the more your name can be featured on this list!

Example of Recently Updated Enhanced Products Page list :

Example of Recently Updated Basic Products Page list :

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Recently Customized



Recently Customized

This page is still going to showcase the organizations that have been recently customized.

However… now, the order in which the organizations appear on the page has been changed.

We have set it up so that instead of the most recently customized pages being listed vertically like this with the most recent update at the top:

They are now being ordered horizontally with two names per row (one being the most recently customized page):

This new way the recently customized pages are ordered, keeps the most recently updated business names at the top of the page.

Customizing your page not only looks great and helps you stand out, but it can also get you at the  top of this page!

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7 steps to improving your web content


Improve your web content in just a few simple steps!

Think about what you want to say then follow these 7 steps to help you say it right.

1. Focused message / top per page: For each page determine the most important messages you want to communicate to your target market.

2. Brainstorm search words: Put yourself in the position of a potential client of yours. Determine the keywords and key-phrases they will use while searching for what you offer.

3. Prioritize: In order of priority, craft a “top 10″ list of keywords and key-phrases out of what you have outlined in the first two steps.

4. Sign in: Login to your Business Membership.
Click here to access the Business Member Login Page.

5. Navigate to edit the page you are working on (Start, Profile, Specialties, Brands, Products, Services, etc.)

6. Using your “top 10″ list focus each content grouping on one keyword or key-phrase from the list; the first content grouping should be for your most important keyword and descend in order from there. Start by placing the keyword in the SEO assistant and then write a heading, subheading and paragraph focused on that keyword or key-phrase.

7. While writing the content, tie the keyword or key-phrase that is the focus of the grouping to your market area. For instance, if the keyword is “bikes” and your market area is “Barrie, ON”, then write content that links the “what” and the “where” as much as possible.

NOTE: Successful search engine optimization (S.E.O.) takes experimentation. Update and improve your content often and track what works.

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More Sharing!


* Improved *

Share buttons for LinkedIn and Twitter are now added to More Info and Start Pages, Basic or Enhanced

Until now, there were only two options for sharing in this module:

This module  can be found on the Start Page of both Basic and Enhanced profiles:

We have now added LinkedIn and Twitter buttons to the share module:

These extra sharing options allow for your page to be shared in more ways and increase the number of people who will potentially see your pages.

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