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How to Manage Your Email Settings [Help Topics]


In this post, we’ll be looking at managing your email preferences within your account on the CityDirect.Info site. Click the images to see the full sized versions.

Click Sign In.

Click on "User Profile"

Click on “User Profile”










Click on "Email Preferences"

Click on “Email Preferences”























Save your changes.

Save your changes.



















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How to Reset a Lost Password [Help Topics]


In this post, we’ll be looking at how to reset a lost password. Click the images to see the full sized versions.

Click the link to go to the next screen.

Click the link to go to the next screen.















Enter your email address and click the submit button.

Enter your email address and click the submit button.
















You will receive a confirmation notice once the email has been sent.

You will receive a confirmation notice once the email has been sent.



















Now, continue with the following steps:

Navigate to your email inbox to retrieve the email that was just sent to you. If it is not there, try refreshing your inbox, or checking your junk mail box.

Follow the instructions in the email.

Follow the instructions in the email.




















Enter your new password and submit.

Enter your new password and submit.
















Once you have submitted your new password, you can continue to the login screen and log in with your new password.




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How to change your Company Name


Once you have claimed your listing with, you can sign in to your account and go to your Account Overview (you will find the tab at the top left of the screen). Once there, scroll down the page until you see the title “Organization Location”. Click on “edit”.

This will take you to your Branding Page where you are able to edit the information about your business. This is where you’ll be able to change your company name.

You can also update your telephone number and address, enter keywords, hours of operation, and much more from your Branding Page. You have complete control over what you want your customers to see on your website.

For more information and helpful tips on how to edit your Organization Location details please read our blog.

Editing Your Organization Location Details


To start improving your web presence

It’s important to review the core business information found in your Organization Location Details.  This information includes your phone number and address, hours of operation and the payment methods you accept.

Editing the details of your Organization Location is very easy to do.  Text boxes, satellite buttons and drop down menus make changes fast and simple.  Go through all the options and make sure that each section is filled out completely. Remember that everything you add to your Organization Location Details is searchable information, and can help set you apart from your competition.

Here are some useful hints about specific sections of your Organization Location Details:

1. Branding.  Here you choose how your business name displays online. You can upload a logo, choose your “established since” date and select a color scheme for your pages.

2. Communication.  Include all of the ways that people can contact you here. A key contact is required,  and by including the different languages spoken will make your business searchable by those languages. Here is an example: “Portuguese Veterinarian in Toronto Ontario.”

3. Physical Location.  A correct address in the city which you are established is required, but can be kept private. Including a neighborhood, closest major intersection or transit stop will help potential clients pin point the location of your business. Your GPS coordinates control the map displayed on your pages and are automatically generated when you first sign up.

4. Market Area. You can define the areas that you do business. From your clients point of view, think about how far they would want to travel for their product or service. Try to keep your market area within this distance.

5. Online. Include the email address that you would like clients to use.  Add your domain name and our system will create helpful links through your pages.  The section below denotes what domain name is being assigned to your Start Page and the registration information for it.

6. Hours of Operation. When is your business open to serve the public?  When are you willing to accept phone calls?  Your hours of operation is basic but critical information. Using drop down lists you can select opening and closing times for each day.  Select the satellite box if you accept phone calls outside of regular business hours and feel free to add in a description of your operational hours if it is easier to describe.

7. Payment. Including the methods of payment that you accept is often over looked information, but is  key that your customers know.  Use the check boxes to include the currencies accepted and discounts you offer.  If you are a non profit organization check that  box to indicate this information.

8. Features. There are a lot of standard features used to inform your potential clients.  Restaurants and hotels have additional features that they can include by selecting check boxes related to their organizations.

9. Specialties, Brands, Products and Services Keywords. Sorted in order of importance, your keywords clearly tell the public and search engines, what your business is all about. Be sure to be inclusive but not repetitive.  eg. Plumbing, Plumbers, Plumber, Commercial Plumber are not considered the same.

10. Additional Information. There is also the option to add extra information for your customers. For instance, manufactures find it helpful to define their capabilities in terms of number of employees or annual sales. This gives their potential clients an idea of what their capacity is.

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Claiming or creating a listing on


Claiming or creating a listing on the network allows you to control information on your Directory listing or publish new information.

Note that only Business Owners, or an authorized Marketing Manager employed by the company will be allow to control a businesses listing. Under no circumstances will 3rd party organizations be allowed to control a listing of another business.


To Claim a listing:

Click on the Claim button.

Click on the Claim button.

Method one: From your ‘More Info’

Your more info page is simply a page that contains your vital business information such as your phone number, address (if available), and business name as well as applicable categories.

You will find the “More Info” page by clicking on your Directory Listing on your CitySite.

There are sevral different “claim” or “edit” buttons throughout the site.  Clicking on any of them will allow you to start the claim process.






To Claim or Create a listing

From City Site or Directory Sub Categories.

Click to sign in.

Click to sign in.

On almost every page on the network there are “sign-up” and “sign-in” in the top right hand corner of the page. Simply click on the “Sign-Up” link to start the claiming process.

By using either of these two methods you will be taken to the account creation page. You can be confident while inputting your information that will not disclose your it to any third party, you can read our privacy policy here.








Once you have created your account select “join” and your account will automatically be created. Be sure to remember your password as you will use it along with your email to access your account in the future.

At this step you may be asked to sign in using the account that you just created. If you are, this is a normal step. Simply enter in your email and password and click “login.”








Whether you are claiming an existing listing or adding one to our network, the first thing you need to do is find your organization on our CitySite.






First, search for your business by using your telephone number. If you are trying to claim a listing with an incorrect telephone number, use the number the current displays on the listing you are attempting to claim.














If no match has been generated, we then ask you to search for you business by it’s name and city.



If a match has been found you will be able to select the satellite box beside it and claim it. If not you can choose to create a listing or search for it again.

Once you select claim, or create your listing, you will be taken to our Wizard that allows your to add and edit details of your business.



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Adding and Changing Your Background


Changing your background image is a powerful way to enhance the look and feel of your web presence.

As you can see, a well done background can drastically change the overall feel of your page.

The background can be a tricky graphic to upload correctly, so here are some tips and tricks to help you with the uploading and to ensure your images look great.

The easiest way to log in to change your background is to sign-in to your Account Overview in Centerpointe.

From here, you’ll want to select the “edit” option in your Organization Location Details section.

The Background options are located in the same section as your Color Scheme. Select the link to “select a color scheme that best matches your organization’s branding”.

Once you are in that section, scroll down past the different color scheme options until you come to the options below for the background options.  There are 4 different sections that will control your background.  Lets look at each one of them.

1. Background Colors:  This field allows you to set one solid color for your background, the content area background, and the content box background.  What is the difference between them you ask?  Great question I say!

Your background is obviously the area to the left and right of your page.


Your content area background is the space in between each element of your pages.



Your content box background is the color that will go behind the content or text boxes.


The colors for these areas are pre-set with the color scheme you have selected.  If the check box is left unchecked, the area will be left white. If the check box is checked, the area will be filled with the pre-set color associated with that color scheme.


2. Background Imagery. This area allows you to upload a custom background image.  This image will override and replace any color that was selected for the background in the Background Color section above.  To upload, simply click on “Browse” and choose the image file from your computer that you wish to upload.  In order to successfully upload a file, you must be within the upload specifications that can be found directly below the “Browse”.  Once you have uploaded that image, the next two fields allow you to control how it is displayed.

3. Control Background Images.  This area allows you to control any custom image that has been uploaded as the background.

– This option allows you to tile your image in both horizontal and vertical directions.





– This option allows you to tile your image vertically but not horizontally.





– This option will allow you to tile your image horizontally but not vertically.





–  This option uses the image once and does not repeat.





– Check this box if you do not want the background to be free floating.





4. Background Horizontal Position.  This section allows you to create the anchor point for the background image.

Some More Notes on Uploading Background Images.

Remember, at anytime you need assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us about our graphic design services.

Stay tuned for a blog post on tips for creating great background images.


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