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Claiming or creating a listing on


Claiming or creating a listing on the network allows you to control information on your Directory listing or publish new information.

Note that only Business Owners, or an authorized Marketing Manager employed by the company will be allow to control a businesses listing. Under no circumstances will 3rd party organizations be allowed to control a listing of another business.


To Claim a listing:

Click on the Claim button.

Click on the Claim button.

Method one: From your ‘More Info’

Your more info page is simply a page that contains your vital business information such as your phone number, address (if available), and business name as well as applicable categories.

You will find the “More Info” page by clicking on your Directory Listing on your CitySite.

There are sevral different “claim” or “edit” buttons throughout the site.  Clicking on any of them will allow you to start the claim process.






To Claim or Create a listing

From City Site or Directory Sub Categories.

Click to sign in.

Click to sign in.

On almost every page on the network there are “sign-up” and “sign-in” in the top right hand corner of the page. Simply click on the “Sign-Up” link to start the claiming process.

By using either of these two methods you will be taken to the account creation page. You can be confident while inputting your information that will not disclose your it to any third party, you can read our privacy policy here.








Once you have created your account select “join” and your account will automatically be created. Be sure to remember your password as you will use it along with your email to access your account in the future.

At this step you may be asked to sign in using the account that you just created. If you are, this is a normal step. Simply enter in your email and password and click “login.”








Whether you are claiming an existing listing or adding one to our network, the first thing you need to do is find your organization on our CitySite.






First, search for your business by using your telephone number. If you are trying to claim a listing with an incorrect telephone number, use the number the current displays on the listing you are attempting to claim.














If no match has been generated, we then ask you to search for you business by it’s name and city.



If a match has been found you will be able to select the satellite box beside it and claim it. If not you can choose to create a listing or search for it again.

Once you select claim, or create your listing, you will be taken to our Wizard that allows your to add and edit details of your business.



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Editing your Call to Action (Enhanced Pages)


You now have people coming to your page. They are reading your information, are interested in what you are offering…

…But they are not being prompted to take action.

A strong call to action is important to give customers that little push to take the next step.

Editing the call to action on your Start Page in Centrepointe is easy to do with these few steps:

1. Log into your account from the Business Member log-in page:

2. From the Account Overview page scroll down to the “Start Page” section and select the option to Edit/Remove

3. From this page scroll down to the Call to Action. This is where you will be able to make edits to the content that is displayed on your page.

Remember: the heading has a limit of 125 characters and the subheading has a limit of 140 characters (both including spaces).

4. Once you have made the changes to your Call to Action, don’t forget to save! Scroll to the bottom of the page, preview your changes and then Save!




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Recently Customized



Recently Customized

This page is still going to showcase the organizations that have been recently customized.

However… now, the order in which the organizations appear on the page has been changed.

We have set it up so that instead of the most recently customized pages being listed vertically like this with the most recent update at the top:

They are now being ordered horizontally with two names per row (one being the most recently customized page):

This new way the recently customized pages are ordered, keeps the most recently updated business names at the top of the page.

Customizing your page not only looks great and helps you stand out, but it can also get you at the  top of this page!

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Creating new Subcategory Listings


Adding additional Listings on the Network is easy!

Once you have signed into Centrepointe you should be looking at your Account Overview.

  • From your Products Chart you can select ‘Create’ next to your Basic Listings
  • From there you can select the section, and based on that section, what Subcategory your Listing will appear in.

  • Don’t forget to include a headline for all basic listings, and a headline and summary for Enhanced Listings.

  • Click ‘Preview.’

  • Make sure your Listing appears as you would like it to, and then click ‘Save.’

  • You’re all done!
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Changing your Listing Subcategory

You have a listing in the “Plumbers” subcategory but feel like your Listing should really be in the “Plumbing Contractors” subcategory.

Follow these simple steps to change which subcategory you are listed in.

(You can also add up to 5 new subcategory Listings, without changing an existing one.)

Once you have signed into Centrepointe you should be looking at your Account Overview, unless you have signed in using pencils that link you directly to a specific section in Centrepointe.

From the Account Overview:

  • Select the “view/edit/remove” link for  your Enhanced or Basic Listing, depending on which one you want to change.

  • Select the “view/edit/remove” link for the particular listing that you would like to change.

(remember not to select the ‘Director Location’ as that will just bring you to that Subcategory page)

  • This will take you to the preview of the Listing that you are about to edit.  You will need to select the ‘edit/remove’ link one more time.

Signing in directly using Pencils:

  • Once you have selected the ‘edit/remove’ link or have signed into this location by using pencils, you can select both your Section, and based on that Section, what Subcategory your Listing will appear in.

  • Don’t forget to include a headline for all basic listings, and a headline and summary for Enhanced Listings.

  • Click ‘Preview.’

  • Make sure your Listing appear as you would like it to, and then click ‘Save.’

You’re all done!

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The Success of Our House, Barrie, Ontario


Our House

Our House in Barrie, Ontario –  a seller of unique gifts, jewellery, and home accessories – is doing a fantastic job with their website provided by

The following highlights some of the many things they have done well and the online success these efforts are achieving:

- Enhanced Pages: Our House opted to Enhance their Start Page Package (with Map and Contact pages). They also Enhanced their Profile, Brands, and Social Pages. By doing so, they have unlocked the full power of each page offering.

- Graphic Design: Our House worked well with their Marketing Specialist to communicate a look and feel to our in-house graphic designers. Our designers executed design that reinforced the brand image of Our House – upscale and sophisticated, focused on women who care about classic, long lasting style.

- Domain and Hosting: With the domain name, and hosting provided through, Our House is sure to benefit from superior reliability and the ease of dealing with one provider of online marketing solutions.

- Local Directory: Being part of Barrie, Ontario’s premier local business directory and CitySite, Our House benefits from having their virtual storefront (their website) and their listings within’s local network – which significantly increases qualified visits and improves search engine optimization (SEO).

Brand Page:

Profile Page:

Directory Listing (Enhanced):

Google Search: “Our House Barrie, Ontario”

#1 result with each page individually itemized

Google Search: “Unique gift Barrie, Ontario”

#1 and #2 result from their Start Page and Profile Page respectively.

– Our House knows how important Google has become to local business. They also understand that such an important aspect of their marketing should be managed by experts if they are to remain competitive. Therefore, Our House uses the expert services of to not only properly setup and optimize their local account but to keep them optimized as the rules of the game continue to change.

– Our House realizes that the Internet is a powerful tool to spread word of mouth. They know that social networks like Twitter and Facebook are now used as much as search engines. By harnessing a Social Page through they not only are able to quickly and easily share information with their audience, but also save time and effort – because their Social Page allows them to place messages into Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all at once.

– By working with their Marketing Specialist and by making good use of, Our House not only has built an impressive online presence, but has focused it directly at their target market.


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More Share Options on More Pages


* New *

This updated module has now been added to the Start, Specialties, Brands, Products, More Info, and Services Pages, Basic or Enhanced.

Here is an example of a Specialties Page before the sharing options were added:

Now, this is what the pages look like with the new module added in:

This new addition to your Pages makes it fast and easy for visitors to share your Pages and information. Easier to share, means more sharing and more sharing means more potential views!

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More Content Than Ever Before


* Improved *

Headlines are now available on Basic Listings!

Previously, headlines were only available on Enhanced Listings and were followed by a small summary about the organization.

Enhanced Listings Headlines

Enhanced Listings Headlines

Now, Basic Listings have headlines as well!

Placing headlines on the Basic Listings controlled by Business Members is another way in which we can differentiate Business Members from Prospects. The headlines also provide another way for you to get updated, fresh content on your Listings.

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In the Club!


* New *

“Business Member Since…” month and year now added to Listings

We are now adding the month and the year that a Business Member who has an Organization Location, became a Business Member of a CitySite.

This information will be added to the Organization Location’s Listing, Basic or Enhanced:

Verified Listings

"Business Member Since..."

This date is used to build more trust between visitors and yourself. Long standing Business Members create a positive, trustworthy image for the business and

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Get Rewarded


* New *

Business Members are now awarded Merit Badges for their updates!

The date of the most recent update will determine whether you get a gold, silver or bronze badge based on the following time lines:

Merit Badges

Merit Badges

If the Listing goes 91 days or more, without an update, all badges will be removed from the Listing.

No updates past 90 days, no badges!

The Merit Badges are displayed on the Listing as shown here:

Merit Badges Example

Merit Badges Example

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