Local Mobile Website

Local Mobile Website

What is Local Mobile?

Consumers now use mobile devices more than desktop devices to find local business information. This means that your business’s website needs to be both mobile and locally optimized to get the top search results when consumers are searching for what your business offers.

For a website to be considered mobile friendly, it will need to pass Google’s mobile friendly test. (Try it out for yourself!) The webpage will need to respond automatically to show a new configuration when it is being viewed on a mobile device. This provides the best user experience for consumers and in turn, search engines will give your websites higher rankings than websites that are not mobile responsive.

For a website to be locally optimized, it will need to clearly state the location of the business (or service area) in the website. This can be done in several different areas, and should be done in all areas for optimal results. In the websites body text, the location can be specified in the headers, sub-headers, and paragraph areas. The location can also be specified in linked directory listings, like TorontoDirect.info’s directory. You can see that the location (Toronto, Ontario) has been repeated throughout the URL, headers, and all listings.

The combination of these two optimizations gives your website the power to jump ahead of competitors in search engine rankings. Because if you’re not on the first page of search results, then you may never be found!

Edit on Mobile

Edit on Mobile

Edit on the Go:

Take your business on the road with you. We understand that you’ve got a lot to do in a day. Sitting at your computer, editing your website is not high on your priority list. That’s why we’ve made even our

content management form mobile friendly, so you can access your web content on any device with an internet connection. Add a special while you’re out of the shop, or edit content on another computer. Your website is always accessible to you and your customers.

Local Mobile SEO:

As of April 1st, Google has changed their search ranking algorithm for mobile devices vs that of a desktop device. This means that a mobile device will get a different set of results than a desktop computer. The biggest defining factor in whether your website will show on a mobile device is whether it is “local” and “mobile”. Links are important for SEO – what’s more important is that the links that lead to your site are mobile optimized as well. With our built in local mobile directories, your site gains the power of our entire network to push your website to the top of search rankings. When you need a #1 search ranking, you need local mobile link backs.

Yes! We do Local Mobile Websites…


Software as a Service made just for small businesses.

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