Once you have logged in to your account, you will go to your Account Overview. On this page you will see that there are nine different sections. Throughout this tour, you will get a bit of information about each section and what it does.




1. Navigation Bar

This is located across the top of your screen. You can click on the tabs to take you to different sections of your account within CityDirect.info.



2. Account Information

This is where you can change your password.



3. Businesses in Other Cities

This shows you any other Organization Locations you have in other cities.



4. Email Preferences

This is where you can change what emails you receive from us.



5. Business Membership

This is the information that we at CityDirect.info will use to connect with your business.



6. Finance Information

This is where you can view, download, and print your receipts.



7. Account Manager

This is where you will find all of the contact information for your account manager.



8. Organization Location

This is where you control the information about your business. You are able to enter your organization details, and most importantly, your keywords. Google will use these keywords to link your business to searches and direct customers to your website. Because of this, it is extremely important to use simple and accurate keywords that describe your business. You are able to edit your Organization Location details by clicking “edit.”




9. Product Chart

This holds the different pages that make up your website with CityDirect.info. This is where you are able to write your content for each page. There are sections for text as well as images.  With Enhanced Pages, you are able to create up to 10 paragraphs of text as well as 10 images. You also have the ability to choose a customized colour scheme. ­­


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