Organizations who have recently updated their Start Pages are now listed together on one page.



The recently updated pages are organized in two ways. First, they are separated by Enhanced and Basic Start Pages. Recently updated Enhanced Start Pages come first, followed by the recently updated Basic Start Pages.

The recently updated Start Pages are then broken down by the date and time of the last update.  The most recent updates are found at the top of the category.

However, Enhanced Start Pages always come first, no matter how recently updated the Basic Start Pages are.

For example, Our House, with an Enhanced Start Page, was updated 2 hours ago:

Even though the Barrie Condo Team updated their page 9 minutes ago:

Our House would come before Barrie Condo team because it is in the Enhanced Start Page category.


Merit badges: Merit badges are placed on the left hand side of your logo and reflect how recent the update was with a gold, silver or bronze badge.

Time of last update: The time of the last update is shown so that everyone knows how recently your page was updated!

Headline and subhead: The first Headline and first Subheading from the Start Page are pulled into this list to provide more information about the organization. This also creates consistency between pages.

These headings were taken from here on the Start Page:

Logo and name: The organization name and logo are shown in the Recently Updated Start Page list for easy recognition

There is a maximum of 20 organizations in the list for recently updated Start Pages: 10 Enhanced Start Pages, and 10 Basic Start Pages. Organizations can get their names on this list simply by updating their Start Page. The more your Start Page is updated, the more your name can be featured on this list!

Example of Recently Updated Enhanced Start Page list :

Example of Recently Updated Basic Start Page list :

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