You have a listing in the “Plumbers” subcategory but feel like your Listing should really be in the “Plumbing Contractors” subcategory.

Follow these simple steps to change which subcategory you are listed in.

(You can also add up to 5 new subcategory Listings, without changing an existing one.)

Once you have signed into Centrepointe you should be looking at your Account Overview, unless you have signed in using pencils that link you directly to a specific section in Centrepointe.

From the Account Overview:

  • Select the “view/edit/remove” link for  your Enhanced or Basic Listing, depending on which one you want to change.

  • Select the “view/edit/remove” link for the particular listing that you would like to change.

(remember not to select the ‘Director Location’ as that will just bring you to that Subcategory page)

  • This will take you to the preview of the Listing that you are about to edit.  You will need to select the ‘edit/remove’ link one more time.

Signing in directly using Pencils:

  • Once you have selected the ‘edit/remove’ link or have signed into this location by using pencils, you can select both your Section, and based on that Section, what Subcategory your Listing will appear in.

  • Don’t forget to include a headline for all basic listings, and a headline and summary for Enhanced Listings.

  • Click ‘Preview.’

  • Make sure your Listing appear as you would like it to, and then click ‘Save.’

You’re all done!

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