Improve your web content in just a few simple steps!

Think about what you want to say then follow these 7 steps to help you say it right.

1. Focused message / top per page: For each page determine the most important messages you want to communicate to your target market.

2. Brainstorm search words: Put yourself in the position of a potential client of yours. Determine the keywords and key-phrases they will use while searching for what you offer.

3. Prioritize: In order of priority, craft a “top 10″ list of keywords and key-phrases out of what you have outlined in the first two steps.

4. Sign in: Login to your Business Membership.
Click here to access the Business Member Login Page.

5. Navigate to edit the page you are working on (Start, Profile, Specialties, Brands, Products, Services, etc.)

6. Using your “top 10″ list focus each content grouping on one keyword or key-phrase from the list; the first content grouping should be for your most important keyword and descend in order from there. Start by placing the keyword in the SEO assistant and then write a heading, subheading and paragraph focused on that keyword or key-phrase.

7. While writing the content, tie the keyword or key-phrase that is the focus of the grouping to your market area. For instance, if the keyword is “bikes” and your market area is “Barrie, ON”, then write content that links the “what” and the “where” as much as possible.

NOTE: Successful search engine optimization (S.E.O.) takes experimentation. Update and improve your content often and track what works.

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