Installing Share Plugins

Hi Everyone.

So now we have our word press up and running, we are interested in installing plugins that will allow users to share our posts on social networking services like facebook, twitter, buzz, etc.

We took a look at how other sites did this, and one stuck out particularly. We liked the way things looked on

The plugins we will be using:

To install plugins:

Download the plugin as a zip or a tar.gz format in your wordpress/wp-content/plugins/ directory:

cd developing-web-apps/wp-content/plugins wget

Unzip the plugin:


And were done with the install. Next we must go into wordpress admin panel.

Click on “Plugins” and find your “ Button Plugin”. Underneath, click the “Activate” link and you should be done!

Thanks for reading and check back soon for more info.


– Written by: Ivgeni Slabkovski

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