What Makes For a Great Testimonial?

We have all heard about the power of testimonials in the sales process. Prospective clients are interested in what other people say about your product or service, and tend to trust reviews from outside of the company. Any time you can get a client of yours to tell their story in relation to your product or service, it can help you to sell.

There are three components to an effective testimonial:

1. What problem did they have that your company helped resolve?

Ask your client to describe the particular problem they were experiencing, what it was like living with that problem and how it negatively impacted their business.

2. How did they come to be connected with you and how did the sales process go?

Did a sales person contact them? Did they find you online? Through word of mouth? Get them to qualitatively comment on how the sales process went.

3. What is it like now that they have your product or service? How were you able to help them and provide a solution to their problem?

Have them specifically state what has changed in their business since they have been using your product or service. Ask them to discuss the solution and how they have benefited from your services.

These three pieces of information will generally ease any apprehension a prospective client my have about how your product or service will benefit their business.

Testimonials are a great way to build trust with prospective clients. Hearing from a friend that you have a solution to their problem is a softer way to sell.


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