The Most Important Part of Every Business is Cash

Many people have different opinions and ideas when they are asked the question, “what do you think is the most important part of business?”

Mike Hardwicke-Brown, V.P. Inside Sales at, believes that sales are the most important part of business. “Sales is the heart of every business.  It pumps the life blood (cash) to the necessary parts of your organization so it can continue to function, grow and prosper. From Starbucks to your corner coffee shop, no business survives without selling a product or service,” says Mike. He believes that, “before you can sell you need to have people to sell to, and before you can have people to sell to, they have to know about you. Once they know about you, you need to have a sales strategy in place that converts as many prospects as possible into customers.”

“Lets face it, we all have different motivations for being in business, but at the end of the day, none of it is possible without cash!”- Mike Hardwicke-Brown

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